Mad as a March Hare

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These are all things that visitors to this site would like you to do. I’d invite you to know your rights. The acquistion of personal data through hacking, malware and the like is unlawful, illegal and in the European Union a contravention of the Convention of Human Rights (Article 8, the right to privacy). Here is an interesting overview of human rights in different parts of the world:

The UK has a telephone preference service which allows you to opt out of recieving marketing calls, and similarly there is also a mail preference service.

A number of countries also have information commissioners, with varying powers to investigate or inforce infringements of data usage.

On a different note, a welcome visitor to the site contacted me about the apparance of my Catalyst VST in the Computer Music Special. The magazine is now out and describes Catalyst as a “strange instrument with an unusual synthesis technique.”

“Different is good and Catalyst is nothing but different! This odd synth creates its sound by half rectifying the output of a pair of wavetable oscillators and then recombining the results to make new waveforms. There are some familiar controls to help you along, but this is wierd and wonderful territory. At turns it sounds noisy, click and chaotic, but it is capable of gentle subtlety too.”

Editor’s note – Catalyst uses conventional waveforms rather than wavetables before the rectifying stage.

This month also sees the release of the latest number from the Memory Drift album. It conjours up images of cold sea fog, swells of noise, indistinct colours and shapes.