Who cares?

Priority service for NHS workers

My morning ends and I have completed a weekly food shop. When I first arrived at the supermarket I was told that the first hour was reserved for people aged 70 and older, later as I stood in the queue I noticed an invite to National Health Service (NHS) workers to go straight to the front, both of course very good measures for these groups. There is no doubt that the NHS are at the forefront of responding to the COVID19 pandemic and best placed to provide treatment. ‘Stay home, protect the NHS and save lives’ goes the simple, enormously successful slogan. Yet why no invite for social care staff? The answer is a complex one. Here are some of the reasons, all of which are interrelated.

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Let the healing begin

This is a call for common sense. We all know that in these turbulent times feelings can run high and people take strongly held views, but enough is enough. It is time to show some respect. For instance, I have heard people say that Boris Johnson looks like a startled orangutan in a suit. Really, there is no need for this. Wild haired, lumbering and rarely seen in public and widely persecuted, orangutans are endangered species. Boris Johnson is the prime minister of the United Kingdom.

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