I must admit I’m finding it hard to get my head around using WordPress to design a site. All the same there has been a fair amount of activity on the site. The latest track to be featured is A Wolf in Cheap Clothing. I’ve also uploaded the album ‘Still’ to Last FM. The material on this album is ambient and beatless and generated algorithmically. I’ve written some articles on algorithmic composition. These were published in the on-line My Atari magazine. This magazine is no more, but if you are interested in this Tim’s Atari Midi World site is still up. I still use the STEEM Atari emulator to run Atari programmes on my laptop, and it occurs to me that with the price of laptops forever falling, and people regularly upgrading there is something to be said for running an older pc as an ATARI clone.

The future was yesterday.


Broken Gadget is the alias of Tim Wilson, producer of music, VST plug-ins, and a man known to hold an opinion or two. I used to have a site back in the dial up days of the early nineties, when Pay Pal was new,  websites were in Times New Roman and photographs took minutes to load in a browser. The site had a modicum of success, and for a period of time my granulating VST plug-in was the top search result on Google. Talk about obscure.

Luckily for my family, neighbours, and now you, dear reader I have kept up music production and in a rush of vanity and generosity will be using this site to share my pearls of wisdom and the fruits of my labours. As our American cousins would say, enjoy!